5000 feet under
1 May 2015
5000 feet under

16th Asian Art Biennale
Reetu Sattar
Duration: 4 hour

Mediums: Body, white blanket wear, barbwire ‘chadoa’ (top), barbwire prayer rug, white stone, black ‘kaiton’ (ribbon), white feather, pigeon, stone, rope.

‘Love is all I need’. John Lenon sang it four decade back. And there are new inventions and research on inventions under way in so many inventive ways. So now the all talked and controversial project is set at ‘5000 is the best’ to target love, hate, hugs, warmth, affection, care and above all what we say the natural being underneath. So you and I are here 5000 feet under, under constant threat. The barbwire of power and invasion are coming down close to us to cut our space as far as possible. What left is for this slim humanities is to stand with strength of being human.

This performance is dedicated to the people of Palestine and the number of people who are under threat of ‘Drone’ year after year.

Love and Peace.