A Bird of Stone
1 May 2015
A Bird of Stone

Duration: 6 hours

Mediums: Body, Stone, Rope, White Feather, Dry Flower, Singing Bowl, White Cotton Costume and 15 Friends’ Personal Dedication

The idea behind A Bird of Stone is beautifully said here “The bloody massacre in Bangladesh (1971) quickly covered over the memory of the Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia, the assassination of Allende drowned out the groans of Bangladesh, the war in the Sinai Desert made people forget Allende, the Cambodian massacre made people forget Sinai, and so on and so forth until ultimately everyone lets everything be forgotten.” ~ Milan Kundera (The book of Laughter & Forgetting)

So the idea to walk down about 15 km way from US embassy, Dhaka with stones at both feet and singing bowl at hand came out of the respect to the Palestinians who are fighting for their freedom for long 65 years now. For the performance 15 of my most favorite people dedicate their one of the memorable possessions to destroy. The performance is to have a memory of this longest complicated war of human history. So much happens all around us today and so easily they reach us that our memory cells take even the micros of information. But lives of a livelihood fight against the most well arranged military challenging their only object to fight and that is life. I wanted to remember these brave nation with my families and friends at least for a while.