isn’t it time you let me go

Isn’t it time you let me go?


According to certain believers after a person dies, the spirit tries to return to the body, but fails. And so to let the spirit know to move on, they perform rituals.

But perhaps what we forget is how that spirit is also with us when we are alive. We can feel it weigh down on us when we are troubled.

Indian philosophy says your divinity lies within your self. You have to take care of it. Know it. Search for it.


Bengal Performance Art Week
Gyantaposh Abdur Razzak Biddyapith, 29 December 2016
Mediums: Bodies, water, a crow, goat heart, water drum, used tea-dust, camphor, incense sticks, candles, four black and white flags, several scriptures and notes, 5 spiritual/mystic songs
Duration: 4 hour
Photo: Sayed Asif Mahmud