lost tune

Lost Tune

Once there was a country where music was in every home…
Stories of music …  murmuring of tunes.
Once there was a time when school holiday mornings were passed by pumping air into Harmoniums in some local music school.
Sa Re Ga Re Ma Re Ga Ma Re Pa Ga Ma Pa Ga Dha Ma Pa Dha Ma Ni Pa Dha Ni Pa Sa Dha Ni Sa Dha Ni Sa Re Ga Ma Pa
Where have those mornings gone?
Where are those people now?
Remembering them my heart aches, loses its way
Khushiara Music Academy… Never stepped into that
May be that is why never forgot that
Now the music is scattered like a market after it’s done
Now there are only howls of pigs… wailing of animals left behind
Chaos ‘
“I listen with my ear pressed to the deep dark door of my heart “
May a Sudhanshu returns
May any Sudhangshu returns even after fleeing away
Live on … steadfast … here … on his land.

Translation by: Professor Afsan Chowdhury

17th Asian Art Biennial, Bangladesh Shilpokola Academy, 1st December 2016
Mediums: 65 harmoniums and 65 musicians
Duration: 1 hour

Photo: Farhad Rahman